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Customer experiences today span multiple channels and digital touchpoints which means brands need to be able to quickly adapt to shifting business demands and user expectations. We help brands craft web experiences as a JAMstack - a modern approach to deliver digital touchpoints using MACH architecture.

User Interface (UI)

What you see and how your users interact with

Business Logic

Flows and rules drive your customer experience

Data Access Layer

The nuts and bolts of the experience

Apricot Jamstack

A beautiful, fast and secure web experience built to grow with your needs

Easy as jam

Better than Lego

The goal of apricot is to facilitate a simple content author and developer-friendly experience built on a modular architecture that enables rapid creation of websites, apps and digital ecosystems. Think of it as a set of lego pieces but better. These are blocks that can be rapidly constructed, customised and authored by just about anyone.

More than this apricot is a foundation that can be extended to create a nimble digital experience platform (DXP).

Why Jamstack

The old way

A traditional website is actually a monolithically architected program. It has to run on a web server at all times and is often tied to a specific set of legacy tools and services.

Why Jamstack

Expensive monoliths

These monolithically architected websites are expensive to own: from design and build head hours and costs, hosting and infrastructure through to licensing and ongoing support. They can be slow in performance, vulnerable to attack and are expensive to scale.

Why Jamstack

Fullstack or Jamstack

Monolithically architected solutions are best used at scale for enterprise. But these platforms require large internal development teams or long-term external agency partners and sophisticated marketers who can realise their potential.

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apricot is the brainchild of an Merkle innovation team with a mission to democratize its digital agency know-how to help more businesses own their digital experience more efficiently.

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